Saturday, December 18, 2010


I think that we must have had a parcel delivered at least every other day for the past month and a half! How lucky is baby M to be loved to much already!
Here are a few..
Amazing hand made gifts from my good friend Jo ( )......


Beautifully wrapped.....


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Has it been that long?!

Wow, the past 2 and a half months have flown by! And how my life has changed!

I had my beautiful baby at the end of October. I had a natural birth and I was lucky that from the time the contractions kicked in strong to the time she was here was only about 6 hours.

I got to the hospital at 7pm and she was here at 10.01pm. The doctor told me that I should definately get to the hospital earlier when I have baby number 2!

Baby M is doing great! At her first month check up she had already put on 1400g, I can`t believe how much she has changed. Now, at nearly 8 weeks old she is smiling, cooing and grabbing on to things.....oh, I am so in love!

I was in the middle of knitting a blanket for her when she arrived, I so want to finish it but finding the time for knitting is proving difficult at the moment. I get a row in every now and then and I am deternimed to finish it. As it is a lace pattern I can use it in the Spring too so I suppose there isnt that much of a rush.

When I was pregnant I knitted her a cute!