Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finally finished!

I started this quilt months ago....as you might be able to guess from the spring colours that I chose! This was a quilting class that I took back in March, it`s called Strips and Curves.

It was quite a difficult make for a beginner like me, but I am so happy with the outcome. It has been sitting in a bag in my house for the past 6 months and I finally thought that I should bind it and finish it. I love it!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Baby Hat

This was such an easy knit. It is basically just a rectangle knit in rib, 3 knit then 3 purl. Sew the seam to make into a tube and then I tied it around the top with an i-cord. So simple and quick!

This can also be done on circular needs, I am knitting number 2 now on a 14 inch circular.

Korean Food!

This is becoming one of my favourite places to eat in the city.
The thing I love about Korean food is all the little dishes that you get and the fact that you can get an endless supply of them.

This restaurant in Korean Town in NYC is delicious and the prices are so reasonable (especially lunch) http://kunjip.net/

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Bento Bag

I wanted to make something for my father in law`s upcoming birthday, I couldnt really think of anything that he would need and then I stumbled across this tutorial by Ayumi Mills in her blog Pink Penguin.


This was such a good tutorial, great easy to follow step by step instructions.
I think it turned out pretty well, Im going to make one for hubby too.