Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring/ Summer Recipe

One of mine and my husband`s favourite Sring/Summer recipes. So easy to make and delicious.

This a cold noodle salad. Any noodles can be used but we like Udon or Somen Noodles the most.

Cook the noodles as directions say and cool them in ice water.
Chop up any salad that you like, we usually use lettuce, tomato, cucumber, shiso, tuna, chicken. Really, anything is ok.

Then prepare noodle tsuyu (you can buy this in any Japanese or Chinese supermarket)and pour it over the top, add a bit of mayonnaise if you like and that is it. enjoy!


I visited Japan last week after 8 months of living here in New York. My friend was getting married last week so I decided to make the trip and go to the wedding.

It was a wonderful wedding and such a great chance to meet up with friends, its strange how Japan seems like home for me even though Im English. I suppose after 7 and a half years of living there thats what happens.

This is a photo from the wedding, the bride wore traditional white and then later changed into Kimono.

Whilst I was in Japan I visited one of my favourite places in Tokyo, Nippori, it`s also known as fabric town. I love to make things (although I am very much a beginner) Nippori is extremely popular place and if you go on a weekend you must be prepared to wait! If you ever decide to go, there is a shop called Tomato which is just great!

Luckily my friend Jo from and I went on a weekday and enjoyed the morning browsing and of course buying! I was flying back to New York that evening and I knew how full my suitcase already was so I really had to stop myself from buying that much. However I did get a few bargains....I just have to decide what to make with them now.