Sunday, June 05, 2011


Baby M is everywhere, everywhere that she shouldnt be! We need to do some serious baby proofing, she wants everything thats she isn`t supposed to have. Wires, remotes, phones, shoes.....!

She is crawling about everywhere now, well it`s more like an army crawl on her knees and elbows..she has crawled properly a couple of times but she gets around much faster scrambling about, very cute....very tiring! :))

Her new favourite thing to do is to lie `in` her bouncer saucer and look at the window! At first she could only get in and not get out but she can do both now, clever girl!

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  1. hahaha she will be into all sorts now! There are 11 different crawling styles and not all babes do the hands and knees crawl, some do a bum shuffle. I met a 9mth old at the w/end who was standing, unaided and she was a bum shuffler!